The place is outside: MEGA
Artist: Mari Keski-Korsu
Cartographers have mistakenly titled a place near Ahrensfelde as "MEGA" on a Falke staplan. The place is located in the district of Eiche, north of Berlin-Hellersdorf. Two open workshops, that took place there, dealt with how a place gets an identity and how people create landscapes. Together with the artist and the curator, they designed and build a permanent work of art in public space. An old GDR Mill stockpile was chosen by the people of Eice where a panoramic permant platform was build, taking the identity of MEGA. Locals, the artist and the curator were involved in constructing the platform, which is still maintained by the municipality of Eiche.
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Kunst im Untergrund ngbk "was ist draußen?"
International Art Competition
The object of the competition was a call for ideas for site-specific art work in and around Berlin Underground stations on the U5 line between Tierpark and Hönow about social urban development, the urban theme of being “outside” and its contextualisation city-wide, to be realised in 2014 and/or 2015.
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Station urbaner Kulturen
Gallery / Art Space
Station Urbaner Kulturen is the production, presentation and exhange place that was offered to the selected artists participating in the 2014-2015 edition of Kunst im Untergrund, with the series:"What's Outside?" which addresses questions about social urban development, citywide contexts, and the theme of the "outside". Selected works of the artistic competition were implemented in the area of the subway stations of the U5 line between Tierpark and Hönow. The station urbaner kulturen at the subway station Kaulsdorf-Nord was the place of openings, address and meeting point.
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